Q. Are all my deposits insured in full?
A. Yes. Please see our Deposit Account Insurance page for more details.

Q. How do I apply for on-line banking?
A. Once you have opened a WCB account, just click the “Consumer Registration” or “Business Registration” link in the Online Banking Box to the left and follow the instructions.

Q. How do I open an account?
A. To open an account at Winchester Co-operative Bank, simply come into the bank during normal business hours, and ask for a Customer Service Representative.

Q. How can I get personal service for on-line banking?
A. You can get personal service and help with WCB on-line banking in one of three ways… You can call 1-866-987-7602; you can call the bank directly, at 781-729-3620; or you can drop by the bank in person.

Q. How do I transfer money to WCB?
A. Our routing number for both ACH transfers (direct deposits) and Wire transfers is 211371573. If you have signed up for on-line banking, you may transfer funds online from another bank into WCB after completing the Inter-Bank Transfer setup process. (This transfer can take up to five days to complete.)

Q. How do I get an ATM / Debit card?
A. Please stop in and see us at your convenience. We have a short application for you to fill out and your card can be issued to you right in the branch!

Q. How do I apply for a mortgage loan on-line?
A. You can click here to apply for a mortgage online or as always loan applications can be made in person.

Q. Who should I talk to about a loan?
A. For Mortgage Loans, see Coleman Carden or Mark Fisher. For Auto or Personal Loans, see Saida Idouahmane, Linda Kelley, or Chris Irving.

Q. How can I order checks?
A. Call the Bank at (781) 729-3620, or visit the Deluxe page directly by clicking here to order checks online.