Winchester Co-operative Bank

In 1893, a group of thirty-one men met and joined in an agreement of association to form a co-operative bank to serve the Winchester community.  Our family of customers has expanded to include surrounding towns, but our co-operative spirit and commitment to community remains as strong today as it was over 125 years ago. 

Serving that community remains our life’s work.  We strive to provide a safe depository for the Bank's members and to lend funds to improve its members' lives. We're proud of the things we do to make people feel so good about banking with us and of our leadership role in the community. Our commitment to fast, friendly customer service has helped WCB grow, and our growth is the best kind. It's the kind that comes when people discover we're the bank with which they really want to do business.

WCB has been very successful. The following chart details its growth.

Year Assets
1895 $32,000
1920 $1,000,000
1950 $3,000,000
1980 $27,000,000
2010 $468,000,000
2021 $769,000,000

Along the way, WCB has always been involved in the community. We support the Rush Out and Read Program (ROAR, with the Winchester Public Library), Town Day, North Suburban YMCA, Winchester Hospital, Woburn Council of Social Concern, Jenks Center Senior Christmas Party, Council on Aging Senior Symposium and much more. The bank has assisted the Town of Winchester in acquiring properties for low-income rental housing needs and properties for sale to first-time low and moderate income borrowers. The Bank strives to provide a friendly and helpful atmosphere in which to do your banking. All of our officers and staff are available to assist you with your banking needs. WCB offers competitive rates on its products and minimal fees and charges on its services. And we offer many ways to access those services - ATMs, debit cards, on-line banking and telephone banking.

Most of all, we look forward to seeing you in person. Stop by to enjoy a cup of coffee (with a donut on Saturdays), speak with one of our officers or customer service representatives, or join in the community conversations that have become a mainstay of our lobby.